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Golden Book


Daniel, Manu and Gerard on Rio Emperador Guilhermo during a stay in February 2020

A word from Gerard

A few words to give you a feedback on the fishing trip in Chilean Patagonia at Rosa's with François BIETRY… for having spoken about it with my two other fishing companions, they share this opinion, they may share it with you. .


In summary I could say: simply PERFECT!


François is a guide showing impressive professionalism in view of his young age. This trip was meticulously prepared and it was felt immediately.


His skills (also impressive) in fishing and assembly allowed us to hook (not always on time…) very, very beautiful fish. His carefully chosen routes are the result of meticulous scouting and delighted us.


Thanks to his excellent interpersonal skills, François has immersed himself in the Patagonian culture, he knows the customs and traditions, the fauna, the flora and quite a few people… this has opened up fascinating exchanges for us.


Accommodation at Rosa enchanted us, typical and authentic with a dedicated family team and healthy catering and very short circuit because from the meadow to the plate ...


To finish a few words on the attention that François pays to his customers:


  • safety is a permanent idea for François, he anticipates all the traps around rivers as well as when fishing,


  • always ready to help, he even gets involved in carrying bags and accessories,


  • he always puts himself at the technical level of his client in order to provide the right advice without becoming embarrassing.


Here, I will stop there this flood of compliments which I assure you are perfectly justified.


In summary, I will highly recommend and repeat (if possible) this trip with François and Planet Fly Fishing.


A word from Daniel

Rio cochrane

That's it, we returned from our trip to Chile.

I want to share with you the great satisfaction I get from this trip. Indeed, we discovered a magnificent country, encountered optimal climatic conditions and, above all, we were superbly accompanied by François during our fishing trip.


Everything was perfectly organized:

  • reception and transfer to our accommodation, with a stopover to withdraw cash and some provisions,

  • the really impeccable and very friendly accommodation,

  • guiding our fishing trips, with relevant choices depending on the weather conditions, sound advice on fishing conditions and magnificent and super interesting rivers to fish. Result, many beautiful fish put in the net,

  • François' attention and concern, beyond his guiding service, in particular the third half of the fishermen, his active and tangible participation in the organization of our tourist supplement to this fishing trip.


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