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`` Chez Rosa ''

8 days of travel 6 days of fishing
voyage de pêche au chili


Geographic location :

Rosa's farm is located northeast of Coyhaique airport on the Rio Nirehuao border between the Austral road and the Argentina / Chile border.
It will take us about 4 hours by 4x4 to reach our accommodation. The first part of the journey is on the Australe road then on a track


Rosa is the owner of the farm converted into an inn who will welcome us during the stay, she will also take care of the breakfasts and dinners made up of local specialties. The hostel is located a few hundred meters from the water's edge.

The rooms are simple and comfortable. For lunches we will take cold meals to the water's edge.

To end the stay as it should be Rosa will prepare an '' Asado al Palo '' the famous lamb on a spit cooked over a wood fire, a local tradition accompanied by potatoes and seasonal vegetables and a full-bodied Chilean Red!





















The Peach :

The Nirehuao takes its source in Argentina, a pampas stream running through the plains blown by the wind of the valley of "La Luna" it becomes a powerful river linking up large pools and zones of rapids on its lower part.

The upper part: The '' Pampa '' offers a very high density of Farios, we fish mainly dry with large imitations of grasshoppers. This area is very windy, we often find ourselves throwing against the wind coming directly from Argentina. The river makes great meanders through the meadows of the valley of '' La Luna '' and measures only a few meters wide, easily fished by wading.

The middle part: the river widens and continues to create great meanders through the meadows. Wider, it now offers the capacity to accommodate larger trout. Fario and Arc-en-ciel are waiting for you, the imitation grasshopper fishing is still as effective and we will also swim a large dark streamer in the deep pools to try to wake up a large Fario!

The gorges: After its confluence with the Rio Uni, the Nirehuao flow doubles and flows into narrow gorges. Access requires a considerable approach walk. But it's worth it ! We will come across Fario and Arc-en-ciel posted in full current ready to climb on a large dry well presented.

We will also have the opportunity to fish other rivers: the Rio Uni, its upstream part characterized by large meanders and a sandy bottom shelters a large population of Farios often posted in the shade of submerged dead trees. Flirting with an imitation mouse near ice jams can be explosive!

Arroyo seco: small stream serving as a refuge for the large Farios. The '' Lago Largo '' can be fished by wading or by boat. We will also fish for the Emperador, a medium, translucent river winding between large blocks of granite and submerged willows. Beware of boosted arcs!

One of the great advantages of this region is the choice of fishing routes, the options are almost limitless!

voyage de pêche au chili
voyage de pêche au chili
Partie haute du Rio Nirehuao
voyage de pêche au chili
Partie moyenne du Rio Nirehuao
voyage de pêche au chili
Casse-croute au bord de l'eau
voyage de pêche au chili
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