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I am a Fly Fishing Guide, specializing in teaching the art of Fly Casting.


I work with « Planet Fly Fishing », one of the biggest travel agencies in Europe specializing in fly-fishing trips world-wide.

My responsibility concerns building  programs for Chile and then guiding you there! I spend each winter in Chilean Patagonia, and Spring and Summer in the South of France.


If you request any information concerning fishing trips in Patagonia or Southern France, please don’t hesitate to email me or give me a call.

I was born in the Ardèche in Southern France, and it is in this region that I know so well that I will be guiding for the 2021 season.


See you on the water!


Lancer Italien (TLT)

Instructeur de Lancer Certifié FFI
Certified Casting Instructor

François BIETRY Moniteur guide de pêche à la mouche en Ardèche

Pour un débutant complet, un pêcheur au niveau intermédiaire ou un moucheur expérimenté.

Objectif : acquérir de nouvelles compétences.  

Leon 2021-15.jpg

Journée et séjours guidés pour pêcheurs expérimentés.

Objectif : connaitre de nouveaux coins et prendre de beaux poissons.

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